Welcome to Army Goodwill School Uri


1   True education encompasses grooming young minds and enabling them to explore new vistas of knowledge. It shapes them up as the benefactors of the society they live in. Army Goodwill Public School Uri endeavors to impart holistic education to the students and prepares them to face challenges with self-belief and firm resolve. 

2.  With well spread out campus, the school has spacious class rooms and enviable ancillary facilities. The school has a state of the art computer laboratory, multi-media centre with Wi-Fi connections, live teaching with i-pads and latest teaching aids. Admission in to the Army Goodwill School, Uri is much sought after and the students of the school have repeatedly excelled in academics and extra-curricular activities.

Our Students

Our students are individual personalities, seeking to develop skills and competencies specifically provided in our formal school curriculum.

Our Teachers

Our tutors and teachers are professionals who are fully experienced in their area of work and have the ability to impart knowledge and skills accurately and lead our students to successful learning processes both in theory and practice.